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Engineering College Lecturers,Professors,Doctorates from all the Department Streams creates knowledge about effective online teaching and learning is growing rapidly. Research and experience suggest that these effective practices contribute to a satisfying teaching and learning experience for faculty and students.

How To Become A Teacher

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Please login to send your request! create the awareness that the future of education is changing, and teachers must be willing to adapt to the progress of academic teaching and learning. More and more schools provide online classes, and many currently offer entire degree programs online. A flexible schedule, the rapid growth in online educational opportunities and the chance to be on the forefront of the e-learning format are some of the advantages of becoming an online instructor.

As online education becomes more popular, experienced educators are finding more opportunities to become online instructors. They can prepare by completing a training program.
Be familiar with the syllabus including course milestones, due dates and critical course activities.
Make changes to the syllabus as necessary and communicate the changes to the students.
Review and be familiar with the course content.
Identify and report inaccurate course content, confusing information and/or instructions, broken links, and other course design issues.
Review the course teaching guide to gain an understanding of the intent/context of the course such as the author’s teaching philosophy, content, learning activities, and assessments. make the best use of the advantages the online environment has to offer, however, online instructors need to keep in mind that active learning is one of the keys to success in the online classroom. Instructors need to employ new techniques and technologies to ensure that their courses make the best of the online medium.

The learning management system used in all our online courses, Blackboard, provides a solid framework to do this; additionally, we have a team of instructional designers who work with each instructor to ensure that course content is effectively delivered online.